The world is your reference

Let consumers discover ideas, browse product catalogs and create designs at home, in-store or on the go. Give manufacturers direct access to what interests consumers, and create your own lead engine to convert to secure sales.

Give customers support for imagining their dream space with a wealth of catalogs to help them discover new ideas and which products can bring them to life. 

Drive interest both in-store and online and generate reliable leads for sales conversion.

Manufacturers a direct window into consumer preferences rather than mediated through retail partners.

Step onto a global stage and showcase new products or successful concepts that drive new partnerships and business growth.


Visualize the dream

Bring spaces to life with an extensive catalog content hub and creative software solutions. Designers can get inspired and visualize ideas quickly using intuitive interfaces to configure highly complex products. Easily and quickly add, edit and refine designs to look their best and automatically update changes further down the value chain.

Design with the broadest collection of manufacturer catalogs (kept up-to-date and accurate ahead of others in market)

Easily and quickly design and render visual concepts thanks to intuitive interfaces for creating and configuring highly complex products to fit the perfect space.

Streamline communication between customers and retailers with the support of intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use software to align everyone’s needs.

When designs change, quotes and specifications update in real time so everyone involved gets the single source of truth.


Give sales teams superpowers with simple tools

Empower sales teams to deliver on customer dreams with highly accurate and flexible CPQ software. Keep projects on track and budget. Generate more sales with efficient, connected and real-time sales systems.

Embed transparency into your sales. Connected tools show the true costs behind the renders and visualized concepts that customers see.

Easy-to-use, intuitive sales tools enable your teams to train up quickly and master the conversation with all the details they need.

Prices update as soon as designs update. Get the single source of truth for how to cost projects and minimize room for error.

Easily compare designs and products on software and help upsell viable alternatives.


Greater control over your projects

From inspiration to installation, get full control over your project’s progress. Track who’s involved, the status of your products and optimize logistics to finish projects sooner.

Gain deeper insight into how your projects are performing. 

Gather, use and share data to innovate products, optimize efficiency and deliver more projects faster.

Give teams the confidence and power to know exactly what’s going on with projects with an easy-to-use interface and analytics dashboards.

Scale your business with more visibility over distribution efforts.


Create even more amazing products

Master your data, automate and optimize processes, innovate better products and grow your business with the support of comprehensive, end-to-end manufacturing solutions.

Go beyond traditional ERP with scalable systems that creates a seamless flow of information across your organization to better coordinate and optimize every step of your operations.

Accelerate product time to market with engineering design integration and expand retail presence without adding order management costs.

Make bolder business decisions and gain agility with the backing of a platform that’s grounded in real-time manufacturing intelligence and rich performance data.

Improve made-to-order results with faster lead times, more accuracy and the most flexible production scheduling--at less cost and with increased customer satisfaction.

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