Cyncly Affiliate list and country
Company Country
Compusoft   Pacific Pty Ltd Australia
Soft Tech Australia Pty Ltd Australia
20-20 Technologies GmbH    (Austria) Austria
Compusoft Belux NV Belgium
Focco Sistemas de Gestão S.A. Brazil
Promob Softwares S.A. Brazil
20-20 Technologies Inc. Canada
Shanghai Twenty-Twenty Technologies Co. Ltd. China
CS Catalogue Services Ltd Cyprus
Compusoft Denmark A/S Denmark
Compusoft Suomi Oy Finland
20-20 Technologies France
Compusoft Applications France
Compusoft France France
Compusoft Innobain France
20-20 Technologies GmbH    (Germany) Germany
Compusoft Deutschland AG Germany
Compusoft Holding Germany GmbH Germany
CS Immobilien GmbH Germany
ST Softech India Private Limited India
Twenty Twenty Interior Design Software (India) Private Limited India
DAU S.P.A. Italy
FeneTech Europe S.à.r.l Luxembourg
Compusoft Nederland BV Netherlands
Soft Tech (NZ) Ltd New Zealand
ST Bidco Limited New Zealand
Compusoft AS Norway
Compusoft Norge AS Norway
Soft Topco AS Norway
Compusoft South Africa Pty Ltd South Africa
SoftDesign S.L. Spain
Compusoft Sverige AB Sweden
Compusoft Schweiz AG Switzerland
CS Catalogue Services Limited Switzerland
20-20 Technologies Ltd. United Kingdom
Compusoft GB Limited United Kingdom
Consilio Holdco Limited United Kingdom
Consilio Intermediate Co Limited United Kingdom
Consilio Midco Limited United Kingdom
Consilio Topco, Limited United Kingdom
Soft Tech (England) Ltd United Kingdom
Soft Tech Europe Ltd United Kingdom
20-20 Technologies Commercial Corp United States
Access Information Technologies Inc United States
Compusoft US LLC United States
Fenetech LLC United States
Resource & Financial Management Systems, LLC United States
Soft Tech America Inc United States

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